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A natural way for learning Arabic, Hindi, English in Malayalam language 

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Learn Arabic in Malayalam
Speaking in Arabic is both a fashion and a necessity in Arabic nations.  The app primarily attempts to introduce those who speak Malayalam language. Every Malayalam native speaker can learn Arabic through this app “Spoken Arabic Malayalam 360”. The app adopts the scientific approach, introducing Arabic alphabets, words, and sentences in that order and application of these in the most common situations of daily life. This app can also be helpful to people who are on visit to Arabic nations as tourists, employees, and businesspersons. It is designed to help Malayalam speakers learn Arabic by using Arabic audio and Malayalam phrases. Learning process is quite simple with this app, users can tap on speaker icon to hear the pronunciation of Arabic words. The app follows a predefined structure for translating Arabic to Malayalam.

Learn Hindi from Malayalam with beautiful images and clear audio.

Learn Hindi from Malayalam easily . Achieve Your goal of Speaking in hindi . This app is made to teach you Spoken hindi from Malayalam. Now speak hindi easily with the help of this app.

Hindi words and sentences with Malayalam meanings are provided under many useful categories to Learn hindi from Malayalam effectively. To learn Spoken Hindi from Malayalam easily , Clear picture with clear audio are provided for all Hindi words . 

Download Learn Hindi from Malayalam app now to start learning hindi from Malayalam and Reach your goal of Speaking in hindi. Malayalam meanings are provided for all hindi words and sentences.

Features of Learn Hindi from Malayalam app :

1. Each hindi word has clear image and audio pronunciation to make Learning hindi from Malayalam Easy. Every hindi word has Malayalam meaning.

2. Hindi words are provided under many useful categories like animals , birds, fruits , vegetables , colors , people , numbers and sentences to learn important hindi vocabulary from Malayalam easily.

3. Learn Hindi from Malayalam app comes with Beautiful app design To make Learning Spoken Hindi from Malayalam a pleasant experience

4. Clear pictures and Clear audio are provided for every hindi word.  Every hindi word has meaning in Malayalam.

5. Achieve Your goal of Speaking in hindi . This app is made to teach you Spoken hindi from Malayalam . Now speak hindi easily with the help of this app.

6. You can Learn hindi from Malayalam even without active net connection , Learn hindi from Malayalam app works offline too .

Download Learn Hindi from Malayalam app to Reach your goal of speaking in hindi .

Learn English using Malayalam Track.
The app focuses native Malayalam speakers who like to speak English for expressing their ideas. Malayalam Spoken English app comes with wide variety of features including learn and practice method. It will help you to understand the basic building blocks of English language. The app brings all regular stuffs for learning a language like Tenses, Modal verbs, Verbs, Nouns etc. Besides you will get an opportunity to get the correct pronunciations of sentences using sound engine. The practice method option translates English sentences to Malayalam Language.

It’s a great time to improve your English speaking skill. Learning and and speaking English will be a natural process with this App. It’s fun.

You have many options to choose from, awesome list of conversation topics.

English Conversations 

★ Restaurant 
★ Telephone 
★ Food
★ Help
★ Hospital 
★ Interview 
★ Office 
★ Shopping
★ Travel
★ Social Talk 
★ and extra 10+ 

English Grammar and Advanced practice lessons will help you to be a grammarian.

Writing Skill Topics :
How to write letters? 
Job application letters. 
Frequently used sentences.
Salutation and closings.

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