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Clean, Fast and less Ads. Best App for Malayalam News in India.
This Android app helps to browse and read all Malayalam Newspapers. All Local and National News. Fast, clean and less Ads.

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Read all Malayalam news papers in one single app.

Daily Malayalam News Papers brings you all the web portals of leading news papers in one single app. Through this app you can access all of your favorite news website with ease. Whether it is news about your favorite sports or sports star or a breaking news that you have just heard. Entertainment news updates about movies or your favorite stars or the latest Business news that can help you in your new venture. Health related articles that might save your life. 

International news or may be the trending Indian news. Hot news which includes National or local news from any part of India. If you are a foodie then Cookery or food related updates and articles. If you are a person who likes to know a thing or two about your future, horoscopes. Stock updates if you are an enthusiast. If you are looking out to buy something then there is classifieds. If you like to travel then Traveling hacks or articles. You can find everything that you can find in you favorite Malayalam news websites has been included in Daily Malayalam News Papers. An app that can be helpful in many ways.

The most interesting feature about Daily Malayalam News Papers is that all the news have been categorized and arranged. That is if you click on the sports section in this app. A new page will appear in which famous sports news websites has been listed. you can directly go to their sports page and get the updates that you have been looking. Another important feature about Daily Malayalam News Papers is that, the app has been programmed that it is so light so that opening the app won’t consume data that much.

Which one are the leading news websites in Kerala? Everyone will have their own opinion regarding this. That’s the reason why we have included news from all the available news websites in Malayalam language in Daily Malayalam News Papers. 

Here are the list of news websites that has been included:

Madhyamam News
Reporter Tv
Media One Tv
Metro Vaartha
Kerala Online News
Pathram Online
Malayalam Express Online
Big news Live
Filmi Beat
M3 db
South Live
Dool News
Pachakam Online
Native Planet

Although the news of Daily Malayalam News Papers App has been categorized into section. On the top of the front screen in this app there is an icon named as Vartha if you click that you can access page of Malayalam news website from their home page. In this page you can access the breaking news headlines and any other section in that news website with ease.

Download this app and get the latest breaking news, daily malayalam news and headlines, and the top story that have went viral in world and in India in one single app.

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